Panel Discussions

Are the industry and government an option for high degree researchers?

Thursday November 21st, 14:35 – 16:05

Speakers:Julio Gonzalez
Alejandra Arratia
Cónsul de Chile, Felipe Cousiño
Silva Wei

High degree researchers (MPhil, Master by research, PhD) often face the issue of planning their careers outside of academia or research environments. This workshop focuses on discussing the possibilities/pathways for high degree researchers to develop a career outside the academic path, both in Chile and Australia.

How to build an academic career

Friday November 22nd, 11:25 – 12:55

Speakers:Daniel Capurro
Rodrigo Mariño
Sigfredo Fuentes
Bao Nguyen

The most common path for postgraduate students after graduation is academia. However, an academic career is not free of obstacles and difficulties, but it is filled with enjoyment and achievements. This panel discussion aims to provide attendees with the experiences and advice from distinguished academics who have developed a recognised career in academia.

Conversatorio: Estallido Social en Chile: causas, consecuencias, y soluciones. Una mirada de Chilenos en Australia al futuro del país

Friday November 22nd, 17:10 – 17:40

Moderator: Carol Huillin

This discussion aims at gathering our attendees’ opinions and concerns about the current situation in Chile. The focus will be on the creation of a document that expresses our hopes for the future and puts forward solutions to the social issues and demands of our country. The discussion will be held in Spanish and is only open to registered attendees.