Lectures and Workshops

Plenary Lecture: “Chile’s education system: where we came from, where we stands today and the main challenges we have to overcome for a sustainable and (more) equitable country”

Speaker: Alejandra Arratia

Thursday November 21st, 9:30 – 10:15

Workshop: “Mapping an argument in a PhD”

Speaker: Paul Gruba

Thursday November 21st, 12:25 – 13:25

At its core, a thesis is an sustained argument. The aim of this workshop is to set out a way to map, and justify, the central warrants, claims and assumptions need to construct an argument. The interactive workshop will guide PhD candidates through a worked example, and conclude with suggestions for further application of an argument-based approach across several domains of research.

Plenary Lecture: “Sex, gender and science”

Speaker: Jenny Graves

Friday November 22nd, 9:00 – 9:45

Plenary Lecture: “Research funding : opportunities and challenges – Vision 2020”

Speaker: Rodrigo Mariño

Friday November 22nd, 14:05 – 14:50