Presentation types

Oral presentation
Oral presentations consist of a 300-word abstract that will be peer-reviewed by the CGC Academic Committee. If accepted, the presentation consists of a 10-minute talk, plus 5 minutes of Q&A. Presentation slides, video clips and props are encouraged but not compulsory.
Poster presentation
Poster presentations are supported by a 300-word abstract that will be peer-reviewed by the CGC Academic Committee. If accepted, a static A0 poster will be exhibited at the Conference venue, with allocated times for poster exhibition. The poster should display information including diagrams, text, references or visuals.
3-minute pitch style presentation
3-minute pitch style presentations are supported by a 300-word abstract that will be peer-reviewed by the CGC committee. If accepted, your 3-minute pitch will be part of special sessions within the conference for this purpose. The purpose of this style presentation is to foster the oral skills for presenting in the easiest and most straight forward way, similar to traditional 3-minute thesis presentations.

General policies and requirements

  • The presentation can be original research, project, pre-project, literature reviews, and essays. We encourage the participation of graduate students at any stage of their study and programme.
  • All abstracts must be prepared in the format specified in the ‘CGC Abstract Submission Guidelines’.
  • The abstract must be written in English and submitted electronically (no hard copy)
  • The authors must include their preference on what type of presentation they want to participate (in order of priority including 1, 2, and/or the 3 options).
  • It is a requirement that all authors with accepted abstracts must provide a biography (maximum of 100 words) and photograph (a passport style photograph in high resolution up to 2MB).
  • Poster presentations should be A0 in size (1189mm x 841mm) or up to a maximum of 1200mm x 1000mm (portrait orientation).

The deadline for abstract submission is August 5th, 2019.

Review Process

Please read through the following carefully before submitting your abstract.

All abstracts submitted before the deadline will undergo a blind reviewing process by three independent reviewers who will evaluate the abstract against the following criteria:
·         Tittle clarity, research context, clear research objective

·         Inclusion of a methodology

·         Existing/relevant results (in case there is any)

·         Implications or contribution of the study/research

·         Overall written clarity, relevance, innovative approach

·         Extra points for submission before the first deadline (in case there is an extension)

The Committee may accept, accept with changes, or reject abstracts.

The Committee will allocate accepted abstracts into a particular presentation type (see above). The Committee will consider the authors’ preferences in relation to presentation type, and these preferences will be balanced against the number of oral presentations an individual is making, and the overall balance of content in a particular theme.

A scoring system will be used to considers authors’ preferences on their type of presentation.