“I was invited as speaker to the second Chilean postgraduate conference in Melbourne. I am amazed to see how this event has grown over the years! It is a friendly and stimulating environment to establish and expand cross-disciplinary scholarship networks and develop new friendships. I personally think this is a great place to know of the interesting research that our compatriots are doing and reflect on the ways we can apply the knowledge acquired in our beloved Chile. I would really like to encourage all Chileans doing a postgraduate degree in Australia to get involved in this conference. It is a very rewarding experience.”

Francisco Rowe – University of Liverpool.


“I really enjoyed my experience as a Keynote speaker at the 5th Chilean Graduate Conference in Australia. It was very interesting to learn about the top quality research Chilean students are doing in Australian Universities. This type of meeting provides a valuable space to gather postgraduate students, academics, professionals and private and public institutions from Chile and Australia to discuss relevant issues related to both science and public policy. I could also appreciate the excellent investment Chile is making in the training of a new generation of researchers. The organization of the event was excellent.”

Alejandra Mizala – CIAE – Universidad de Chile.


“These gatherings are important to reflect upon our country from the perspective of Chileans in Australia. Their proposals and generous suggestions help us enhancing the decisions of Chilean institutions and improving public policy. I hope these ideas are strongly positioned through contact networks and channels you have built. In particular, I would like to see you joining the SOLAR de Chile adventure, which will enable many Chileans to dream with a sustainable future and a better quality of life.”

Rodrigo Palma – Universidad de Chile


“To see the Chilean graduate conference coming back to Melbourne makes me very proud and brings back lots of memories.  We started this event back in 2013 as a very humble and local conference in the Alan Gilbert building at The University of  Melbourne; everything was locally sourced and included self-catering. We dreamed about one day being a platform for all Chilean students from across the country to get together and share their research experiences in Australia. We never expected  it would fly so far and it would become a national conference or even held in other states.  The work the students organizations have done to continuously organize this conference yearly  is outstanding. This event is a unique opportunity for students, academics and even industry experts from the most diverse areas of knowledge to learn from each other and network. It creates a community of experts that transcends their stay in Australia and will ultimately influence their return to Chile.”

Gabriela Segal – The University of Melbourne


“I am Romina Cayumil, a Doctor in Materials Science & Engineering from UNSW Sydney, and a Metallurgical Engineer from Universidad de Concepción. I currently work at Universidad Andrés Bello in Santiago as the Head of Metallurgical Engineering & Mining Engineering, assistant professor and researcher. I participated as a speaker and organizer in three conferences between 2014 and 2016, which were successful and with a large audience of fellow Chilean citizens coming from various Australian Universities. I consider highly relevant the continuity of these conferences, which require the support of institutions, companies and the government, that in its seventh version bring together to researchers and Chilean professionals in Melbourne. I truly believe in the importance of discussing topics from the point of view of Chileans abroad; great ideas of development emerge from these meetings.”

Romina Cayumil – UNSW Sydney.