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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Steering Committee, we are delighted to invite you to take part in the 6th Chilean Graduate Conference in Australia (6CGC), will be held in Hobart, Tasmania, between the 21st and 23rd of November 2018.

The Chilean Graduate Conference (CGC) was first launched in 2013 and organized by the Association of Chilean Graduate Students in Melbourne. Since its first version, the conference has aimed to bring together Chilean graduate students and researchers working in Australia to enhance the research opportunities for both countries. The topic of the first conference was “Embracing different areas of knowledge” and there were 40 attendees, all of which were graduate students from the University of Melbourne. Since this pioneering effort, other associations of Chilean researchers in Australia have taken part in the conference, which allowed to organize it in Brisbane and Sydney. As a result, the conference became a yearly event, increasing the extent of topics, the number of attendees, and institutions involved. In 2018, in its 6th version, the conference will be held in Hobart, Tasmania, hosted by the Association of Chilean graduate Students and Researchers, including new territories and participant institutions.

This year the conference addresses the topic: “Chile-Australia: development and scientific opportunities for our future world”, and the organising committee has identified four crucial themes through which this topic will be addressed:

  • Marine Science and Climate change
  • Sustainability and Natural Resources
  •  Humanities, Social Sciences and Art
  • Biomedical Science

The committee has assembled a remarkable group of plenary speakers to spearhead these themes, which will be addressed through a mixed plan of presentation, workshops, and discussions. The program was designed to represent the high diversity of disciplinary research areas in which Chilean graduate students and researchers are working in Australia. Thus, the conference offers a great and unique opportunity to interact with Chilean scholars and researchers, strengthening links and networks between the scientific community of Chile and Australia.

This year, the steering committee has aimed to enhance the scope of the conference by including two workshops as part of it. One of them will address the challenges of scientific publication and will be conducted by experienced journal editors from the different fields represented in the conference. The second workshop will be focused on science communication and outreach led by experts in the field. Both workshops promise to provide the attendees with important tools and insights to enhance the overall visibility and impact of their research, and therefore another reason to be part of this exciting conference! (apart of the obvious one… It’s Tassie!)

The main topics in the Conference are important to the economy and development of Chile and Australia. In consistency, this year the conference will take place in Hobart, Tasmania, in partnership between Chilean and Australian institutions based in Tasmania that have been developing important scientific collaborations in the last years. The meeting itself will take place in the headquarters of CSIRO Tasmania, where world-class research takes place, with an essential contribution of the Chilean community of graduate researchers in Tasmania.

We confidently anticipate a very successful conference, addressing highly topical scientific issues. We look forward to welcoming you in Tasmania in November 2018.

Manuel Ruiz
Chilean students and researchers in Tasmania.


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